Tanologist Express Self Tanning Water: Worth It?

I picked this sun tanning water spray the other day while in Ulta beauty. I’ve seen this sun tanning spray in Target quite a few times, however my local target has been out of the Medium version of this tanning spray. Ya’ll…your girl over here is pale. I cannot do a dark spray, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull a medium spray off. However this product really swooped me in by the promise that it would be airy light and have a smooth, non-stanning, non-sticky going on. So after waiting patiently for the past few weeks and it never coming in, I ventured over to Ulta beauty. 

I could’ve asked for Target to have ordered me a tube of this sun tanning lotion, I know. But I needed to go over to Ulta anyways so why not just buy it from there? And Ulta had it’s own stand of sun tanning sprays and oils for this time of the season, so there was plenty in stock. 

Putting this spray on, I would say the smell was very quaint and smelled slightly floral. It wasn’t overpowering, which was a releif because some fragrant smells seem to give me a headache this time of the year (thank you allergies). Since the spray was clear and dried quickly however, it was hard for me to really build up a nice even layer that I felt confident about. I did use a new mitt that I had also picked up from Ulta, and I had rubbed the spray into my skin. The bottle said to keep it on for 1-3 hours before rinsing off.

The first time that I used it, I kept it on for 3 hours. My skin on my face did seem to have a very light glow to it, however my fingers and shoulder where I hadn’t rubbed in appeared quite streaky. This would continue to be an issue the following day as well when I reapplied the second time. The build-up has been very faint, but there is a definite glow. 

As far as staining goes, I didn’t notice any staining on my clothes as I wore it in my air conditioned apartment. Since I didn’t test it against sweat, I’m not sure how the tan will hold up or if it will start to streak. My white bra did have faint bronze rub from my underboob, but that easily seemed to come off in the wash. 

I’d say this is a spray I’m going to keep my eye on in the next couple of months as I keep using. So far it’s been okay. It definitely fulfills the pricepoint for me, so that’s not bad. Overall I would say this is a nice buy to have to slowly start building up your tan for the upcoming summer season.