Marc Jacobs “Perfect”: Is It Worth the Hype?

Within the past few weeks I have noticed as my dashboard has become filled with ads for Marc Jacobs latest perfume “Perfect”. The ads feature a model holding up two bottles of perfume to her eyes and smiling broadly at the camera lense. The ad is meant to be playful, fun, and exciting as opposed to the usual elegance ads have portrayed in the past for “Daisy” and “Daisy Dream”. Whoever is the ad campaign manager seriously needs a raise because I can no longer go on any new website without the ad following me around the internet. But more than that, I have finally caved and bought a bottle of this perfume at my local Ulta.

The most striking part of this bottle is going to be the bottle cap. Marc Jacobs has easily the most identifiable caps in the perfume industry thanks to the Daisy collection. This cap features a large white ribbon on the top with a bunch of little charms on it including a banana, a shoe, dice, a star, and “MJ” initials on it. The bottle itself is simplistic, with the words “Perfect” and Marc Jacobs on the front in black standard type. On the Marc Jacobs website, the perfume’s backstory is inspired by his mantra “I am perfect as I am” and is made to celebrate self-love.

Currently a 1.6 oz bottle of “Perfect” is going to be around $96, with a 3.3 oz bottle costing around $160. This appears to be a standard price with most stores listing it as a base price. Considering today is Cyber Monday, I’m going to shop around a bit and see if there is any good coupons or deals going on so I can buy another bottle as a Christmas gift.