The NaNo Diaries: Finishing 13 Days Early


Did that just really happen? Yes! Yes it did! I finished writing 50,000 words 13 days ahead of schedule.

Just in case anybody doubts my literary prowess.

I never in a million years thought I would be able to type my own work of fiction in under 30 days. This is so unbelievable. Of course, I have been working part-time and I have been able to spend a lot more time dedicated to writing this year than any other.

The rest of the month will be spent on polishing up the work I’ve just written. I have hopes on getting this book traditionally published if I can. I’ll walk you through the rest of this process if you want me to.

I’m so exhausted but so happy it hurts. I can’t stop smiling.

The NaNo Diaries

7 Days Before November

I should be putting the finishing touches on the article I had chicken scratched down this weekend. My new publishing schedule for this blog had indicated to put time away to do that right after I had cleaned out my inbox that has way too many emails in the main box. I’m not very good at cleaning, and my emails seem to back up until I clean them out towards the end of the year. In this conglomerate I find an unopened email dated a couple months ago from the National Novel Writing Month website. 


The hellish writing triathlon I used to participate in on a yearly basis. Why had I ever stopped? I would assume it had correlated with leaving my parents house the first time in 2015 and I had to face the responsibilities that would entail. I had remembered how I had once spent almost an entire Saturday in high school trying to catch up to my writing timeline after spending 4 days not writing a single word of my story. I felt accomplished after completing my word count for that week. I was a superwoman when I had written over my goal. I completed my word count one year a few days ahead of time and yet I still kept going, only for the sheer enjoyment that meeting my goals had given to me. 

I want that thirst. 

I want to create again for the sheer enjoyment of madness. 

Despite everything else that’s going on in my life right now, I’m going to try once again to compete in National Novel Writing Month. I have outlines out the wahzoo. Working part-time has left me with the most time that I’ve ever had in my adult life to plan and structure my days out the way I want them. Let’s do it.

I’m going to try to keep a diary of my progress on my blog to keep a continuous update on how I’m doing. I created a new account, feel free to follow my progress on the NaNo site by clicking here. If you’re planning on participating as well, feel free to add me and we can become writing buddies. 

I appreciate you. Happy writing.