Reasons to Cut Your Hair

I have been where you are sitting. I have had long hair most of my life, so my decision to have it cut above my shoulders was even a hard thing to do. I’ve compiled a list of reasons it’s time you should probably cut your hair.

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Winter Skin Care Routine: Step by Step

This year has been stressful. When you are stressed, that means your skin is stressed as well. This winter, I want you to set up a good skin routine and I’ll tell you how.


If you are prone to having breakouts astringents is vital for getting rid of excess dirt and makeup leftover on your face. I like to use an astringent before jumping into the shower because I feel like my current astringent gets rid of a good amount of dead skin cells and dirt before I even touch my face in the shower with my cleanser. Yes, I keep my facial cleanser in the shower so I can remember to do this as a part of my morning and nightly routine.


Next, you’ll want to clean your face. Use a cleanser that’s appropriate for your skin type. If you have oily skin, you may want to opt for a cleanser with alcohol or salicylic acid as an active ingredient. For dry skin you’ll want to avoid alcohol based cleansers for ones that are going to be gentle on your skin such as one with glycolic acid or hyaluronic acid because these chemicals are not going to be as harsh on your skin.


Now that your skin is clean and glowing, it is time to exfoliate. Exfoliating your skin will get your blood flow circulating, and will prep the skin for our next few steps. This step is important for all skin types, as it will get rid of dead skin cells off of dry skin and remove some of the oils that can cause breakouts for normal to oily skin.


Our next step now that the skin has been exfoliated will be serum. Serum needs to go on before moisturizer to set into your skin properly. There are so many serums out on the market today, so picking out a good serum is going to be dependent on your personal skincare goals. I am prone to puffy bags so I like to use an undereye serum that has a rollerball on the end. If you are looking for a serum to fill in fine lines and wrinkles using a retinol based serum at night may be best for you. If you are looking to make your skin more glowing, you may opt for a serum that promises to hydrate your skin or one with Vitamin C.


Make sure your serum is dry before applying moisturizer. I typically use this time to pick out my clothes and get ready for the following day as I wait on my face to dry. Even though it is winter time UV rays can still damage your skin. I recommend using a thick SPF moisturizer throughout the day, especially if you find yourself outside to avoid a chapped or wind burned face. In the nighttime it would be a good idea to find a moisturizer that will add hydration throughout the night.

Thank you for reading! What products do you use? I hope to focus more on the beauty side of my blog in these upcoming weeks! If that’s something you’re interested in please feel free to follow my blog or my social media accounts for updates!