8 Horror Movies I Recommend

Finally, I have compiled a list of movies that I recommend watching to finish this holiday season. Originally, I started compiling a list of my favorite movies of all time for Halloween…but let’s be honest, that list would be immense. This time I didn’t limit myself to just Netflix but I picked out 8 movies from my first list of about 40 that I would love to talk about eventually.

These movies are not in order beyond being movies I had watched recently and enjoyed. I’m sticking to the actual horror genre still and I stayed within a 30 year period because I’m hoping there’s something for everybody to watch, both classics and maybe a lesser known here or there.


I want to list a trigger warning regarding rape and sexual abuse. This movie is psychological horror film and had a plot twist

You can watch this movie on Netflix. It’s also currently $4.99 to rent or buy on Amazon.


Silence of the Lambs

A classic, and a classic movie I still have high regards for, years after we were first introduced. For years growing up my parents thought Hannibal Lector was a real person. No, seriously. You can stream this on Netflix still, or if you love this cult classic as much as I do you can buy it on Amazon currently for $3.99:

The Silence of the Lambs

American Psycho

It’s Christian Bale as a maniac. This 2000 movie will forever stand the test of time in my book. Speaking of books, it’s actually based off a book of the same name, which can be found for sale here. That’s going to be a paperback edition at $11.49, but I’ve seen used versions for less than $4.00.

Also available on Amazon for a whopping $3.99

American Psycho


I had low hopes for this movie when it had first came out, but I was wrong. Those eyes in it had me freaked. The thought of eating an apple and knashing teeth onto glass will probably have even the most macho man wincing. 

You can find this movie going for $5.99 currently on Amazon:



I loved this movie’s madness. It kept me engaged throughout watching and it’s one of those horror movie’s that I’ve held onto the beat up DVD for so long and pull out when I’m bored. You’re probably not going to luck out on streaming this one, but feel free to to rent for $3.99


Ginger Snaps

I originally watched this series backwards when I was a teenager and flipping through DirectTV. I saw Ginger Snaps finally when I was over at a friend’s house and it really spoke to my little teen black heart. The humor in it was twisted and funny and I had a girl crush on Ginger. You can stream this on IMDbTV for free.

Ginger Snaps


This foreign film was passed over by me so many times when it was on Netflix before I finally gave in. It is a gore film, but it takes a less traditional take on the cannibalism genre. It’s not back on Netflix quite yet, you can find it on Amazon for $3.99.


The Green Inferno

I made my boyfriend watch  it this October and he had to watch it in three sittings, which I think is a little bit extreme, but to each their own. This is a gore movie, and it’s based off of another movie– Cannibal Holocaust, which had been banned from quite a few countries during an investigation into someone being killed during the filming. It was later debunked when the woman showed up to the movie’s court hearing. 

You can watch the movie on Netflix or buy on Amazon for $9.99

The Green Inferno

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment if there was movies you hadn’t watched prior. Next time I’ll make a list less broad and general.

Editorial use only. No book cover usage. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Lions Gate/Kobal/Shutterstock (5884226z) Christian Bale American Psycho – 2000 Director: Mary Harron Lions Gate USA Scene Still Suspense/Thriller

5 Horror Movies to Avoid on Netflix – The 2020 Edition

Like everyone else since March, I’ve been stuck at home. It’s especially hard with the consideration that Halloween this year FALLS ON A SATURDAY. Everybody’s been complaining about how 2020 was going to be the best year, so I’m not going down that tangent in this post. But instead of me being a basic witch and going to the pumpkin patch I’ve been spending most of the time curled up on the couch with my boyfriend and cat, eating those sheets of cookie doughs from my childhood and just being a fat ass with the best of them. If you’re like me you’re probably looking for movie recommendations, and why not throw in some awful and mediocre ones? Maybe don’t even watch them. Put them on as background music as you eat whipped cream straight from the can instead of putting it on your 3rd piece of apple pie.

Without further ado, this is my list of horror movies to avoid watching. Not all of these movies are bad, some of them were just a little underwhelming. 

6.  In the Tall Grass – I have this movie listed on both lists I have made on a draft sheet because I’m still unsure on how I feel about the movie, and this may be because of so many factors going on with it. I enjoyed how all the characters interconnected and the movie had unfolded in a neat and organized manner, like unfolding a napkin.

But I ended up feeling as if this was a waste of time. I didn’t like the ending, and bad endings can ruin an entire movie for me. I don’t have to agree with it, but I at least expected something more after two hours of viewing a movie that was repetitive of the psychological horror genre. 

This Movie’s Scoreboard:

Gore: Mild. Barely gory, this movie focused a lot on the psychological side of horror. The gory parts are going to be expected and you’re going to be expecting them.

Jump Scares: Predictable and not scary. This isn’t a scary horror movie. 

Main Character: You have quite a few and they’re all fleshed out. They all have motives, feelings, and demons in their lives to deal with. 

Build-up: Slow, and once you have realized what’s going on, it’s left up to the main characters which just feels like an overdone concept to me at this point. 

Ending: I didn’t really like it. At the time of watching, I was frustrated by the ending. I can’t put it to words yet on why I was frustrated because I don’t want to give too much away. 

My Score: 2.5

5. Demonic – It wasn’t bad, and this movie had a plot twist. Not my original thoughts on it however, and I said it was not believable to me that the ex-boyfriend and current bae would just go on a little field trip without something happening. Especially since the ex-boyfriend has a volatile temper and wants to be an absolute jerk the entire time. I would seriously be questioning why the hell my girl would be wanting to still work with her ex-boyfriend like that, too. Especially with the overlapping premise of the story. 

This Movie’s Scoreboard:

Gore: Mild-moderate gore. There’s scenes that are gory. Compared to some other movies in the horror genre I’d consider this movie being moderately gory, but it’s not a slasher film by any means. No cannibalism, and I’d consider a lot of the gore scenes to be easy to get through or avoid altogether by just fast forwarding through some of them.

Jump Scares: High amount. The amount of jump scares had me on the edge of my seat at some points. You would be expecting a scare at one point just to be dragged along for another 3 minutes. 

Main Character: Well formed, considering that it is a supernatural horror movie. I’m labeling the main character as John. John has a backstory, a purpose, and a motive. He isn’t just there to serve as somebody to be killed off.

Build-up: Moderate. The movie starts present day and then goes backwards. You know what you’re getting into with a set up plot. I would say you’re going to reach the turning point when all hell breaks loose midway, so not too bad. 

Ending: Good. I liked the twist, I think. I guess that’s a good thing because knowing how the genre works there’s probably going to be a sequel coming, and I can’t imagine the ending being good again. Kevin on the other hand thought the ending was a cop-out and the plot was trying to cover too much ground at once, so we’ll see. 

My Score: 3/5

4. The Babysitter- 😂 I liked this movie. I liked the sequel. I think I’m insane for liking either of them. It was quirky, and the sequel is non-cohesive to this one. They’re both more comedies than anything, and the gore is funny. 

This Movie’s Scoreboard:

Gore: Moderate. It’s moderately gory, AS a slasher film. Meaning compared to the last two it is gory. But I laughed through it, and I really hope if you watch this movie you laugh as well.

Jump Scares: Not really. Mildly intense moments but that’s about that.

Main Character: Cole is beyond words because I have no words for him. I thought he was stated as being 14 in the first one, but I’m pretty sure the second one states him as being 12. He’s your archetypal nerd who likes nerd things. 

Build-Up: Mild to moderate.

Ending: Dumb. 

My Score: 2/5

3.  The Babysitter: Killer Queen- Was there even a queen in this? I’m pretty sure if we’re comparing body counts from the first movie, the award is going to the protagonist for that one. My expectations were very low for this one too; I’m pretty sure that for both movies I wasn’t paying full attention to them since my final two on the lists I remember clearly as being awful. The Babysitter had me laughing.

This Movie’s Scoreboard:

Gore: Moderate. Just like it’s predecessor, it should be funny to you.

Jump Scares: Mild.

Main Character: Cole is still doing nerdy Cole things, joined by his friend. He ends up being more of a side kick than a true plot conqueror. Bee is fleshed out into something more than what she just was in the first, which makes me happy.

Build-up: It’s there, and you’re going to laugh throughout this. Some points will have you remembering it’s a horror movie.

Ending: Better than the last one but isn’t cohesive, but neither is the rest of the plot. 

My Score: 2.5/5

2. Would You Rather? – This started off pretty typical as far as character tropes and plot premises go, and kept only mildly interesting moving forward. The characters were not funny or redeemable and their motives did not make sense. I love bad horror too and the murders were not believable or bad in a funny way.  Even the ending was predictable and that makes this the moldy remains of a pizza purposely fucked up by two employees at Dominos. Nobody likes predictable endings and not a single believable death. 

This Movie’s Scoreboard:

Gore: Moderate but doesn’t make much sense. It would be the dramatic equivalency to me getting a splinter and needing my arm amputated.

Jump Scares: None.

Main Character: Iris should stick to getting revenge on John Tucker. It’s not her fault; nobody here is redeemable. I think someone wanted to set this up as a commentary on how the road to hell is paved with good intentions and even the most innocent person can do bad things…no idea. 

Build-up: Quick. I think we have the full scheme of the rest of the movie in the first 30 minutes. 

Ending: Predictable till the end. Nothing about it was a surprise.



1. Truth or Dare – Not the movie that was in theatres, this movie used to be a Syfy original horror movie in the United States. This is two rats fighting over an empty pizza box because it has grease stains and sauce stuck to the bottom of it. This is a trash can of burning dog shit rolling down the hill out of the dog park. An absolute dumpster fire. 

I thought this movie was going to be alright when the first character at the beginning was Heather Lagenkamp but no. She wasn’t even in it for more than a few minutes. 

This Movie’s Scoreboard:

Gore: Moderate and awfully concepted. Maybe one scene if you suffer from entomophobia. 

Jump Scares: Mild. I’d consider some scenes potentially intense for some viewers, but that’s about it. If you’re not new to horror, you’ll do okay.

Main Character: They aren’t fleshed out. Some of them I hoped for their demise because they were annoying. 

Build Up: There, I guess. The beginning starts off with a group of teens heading to a haunted house…hmm. I wonder what’s going to happen.

Ending: Predictable and stinks

Score: 1/5