End of 2020: Hello 2021

Hey my dudes, what is up?

I’m sure we are all happy for this year to be over and for 2020 to be put in the past behind us. However, how many of us had extreme blessings in one way or another in 2020? Has anyone had a new member introduced into the family, whether it be a human or a furry friend? Has anyone started working at their dream job? 

I know I’ve been absent in the writing community for a little bit of time. My boyfriend and I have been gaming over the US holidays since he has been off work, and we’ve been enjoying doing that in the evenings. One thing I am grateful for in 2020 would be Kevin. I look forward to all of what 2021 brings. 

I have also been busy with my parents. In September of 2020 Kevin and I moved in together about two hours away from my parents and I still had to dash back to my locker in the middle a few times. My father has also been sick on and off, and I still tried to make this holiday a good one for the both of them. The three of us work in public service, so COVID is more difficult than ever when you come in contact with so many people throughout the day. I have always had my concerns of spreading it despite my job taking every precaution possible. 

Working at a vet clinic has also kept me on my toes quite a lot, as it always does. I’m still trying to decide on what I want to be when I grow up. Being a vet tech really doesn’t pay much, and I hope to not be reliant on another person’s paycheck one day–it’s a hang up I have, and I know it is. But being a vet tech doesn’t cover housing let alone the standard of living within my state. I make barely over minimum wage and even if I was certified that wouldn’t change much. I love what I do and I love the animals, but I do not have the means to go to vet school and I’m not even sure if I would. 

How many others of you work in a service field that puts you in contact with many people throughout the day? How has your workplace responded to COVID-19? Coming from a retail background where I worked for corporations and large businesses where the employees were not regarded as much more than money making machines, working for a small business has made me appreciate small businesses that much more. My boss honestly cares about her staff’s welfare, even though sometimes it feels she goes overboard with how cautious she has been with COVID-19. But I think I prefer her err on the side of caution compared to my retail job at the time saying we were not allowed to say anything to customers not wearing a mask (but if we were to be caught without a mask it was a fireable offense).

I could go on about covid but that’s not what you’d want to hear from me at the end of the year. Corporations sometimes suck and some small businesses are ran by butt holes all the same. For every good boss out there, you are appreciated.

Despite all of the good that’s came out of 2020, I look forward to 2021. There, I said it. Like so many other people I am looking forward to this year being over with. That’s not to say I believe all of my problems are going to be over with at the stroke of midnight. I know I’ll wake up in 2021 and my house won’t be clean, I’ll still wear a mask at the office and still will need to take my meds. Nobody is looking for that fairytale. But we all would like to hope for 2021 to be a better year for everyone involved, and there’s nothing wrong with being at least potentially optimistic.

Complete Your Winter Festive Look This Holiday

I am proud to announce that I am now a affiliate blogger for Kissusa/JOAH/Impress cosmetics and nails!

You may have noticed a quick sneak in affiliate linking on my December reading list blog just a few days ago, but I’m not about to promote any product I don’t like. I have been using their nail brand for years, and I have to say I’ve yet to be disappointed with their holiday collections. I ordered a pack already from their site, so look for that update within the next few days.

Press-On Nail Christmas Collection

I am a girl that is not much for matte nail polishes, however I can appreciate the nude nail polish colors in this set. The trees are simple as is the white background behind them. I know a lot of ladies like the matte nail polish trend, so if you do I highly recommend giving this pack a try during the holiday season.

Being both a country bumpkin and a fan of punk rock, I appreciate plaid patterns. I especially love red plaid, and having used a similar product by the same company in the past I know the lines on the nails are not going to fade after wearing them for a day. I have used the sparkly nails in the past as well, and the pack I had wasn’t textured. I dislike how some nail polish makes your nails feel bumpy once you have them painted, and I’m happy this isn’t the case with these nails. However, if you do like to file or shape your fake nails, sometimes I’ve noticed the edges become rough from the glittery pattern. I’ve coated it with a top coat in the past.

Sort of like I said in the aforementioned paragraph, if you’re going to shape your nails before putting them on, the edges sometimes become rough and bumpy. I have used base nail polish before and that seemed to fix the problem just fine. In this pack, I absolutely adore the wreath outline going around the base of the french manicure. I don’t think you’ll have any issue with the pattern wearing off.

I love the cute design on these nails! I also enjoy the dark mauve/dark aquamarine color pallet. Something about these colors are so elegant and have such a warm, cozy feel to them. These nails are perfect for the Winter season, not just for Christmas.

Last but not least are these Christmas-centric nails. I love the little presents on the two nails and the Santa Claus belt buckle on the one for the perfect contrast. I feel like this pack combines all of the previous styles (minus matte) of the other three packs. These nails are the ones I have ordered and I can’t wait to put on.

If you like these products, you should take a look at their entire line and get 25% off when you shop now until December 31st!

Here’s a link to their website for further viewing:

Kissusa Beauty – Bring The Salon Home Shop Now

Quirky Holiday Ideas When You Don’t Know What to Buy

We all have that one person in our lives that you never know what to buy them for Christmas. I’ve compiled a list of ideas that are useful or quirky in some way but are that perfect gift to give this Christmas. These gifts are going to be perfect for a broad range of people and ages.

Glass Electric Kettle

Moon Lamp

Inverted Umbrella

Solutions and Other Problems

Wi-fi Doorbell Video Camera

Care Wastebasket

Knitting Kit

Desk Organizer

Fire HD Tablet

Fuzzy Christmas Socks

Still confused as to what you should buy? Gift cards will never go out of style! I know some people feel as if gift cards are unsentimental gifts, but on the contrary, you are giving your giftee the gift to look for something that is going to most fit their needs.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not gift cards are sentimental enough, you can always give them a small gift like a book or a piece of jewelry or a candle to go along with your gift card. Throughout the year I’ll usually include small snacks with my gift card, since snacks will never go out of style.

Tell me what you think in the comments below! Was this list helpful? Don’t forget to like and subscribe if you enjoy my content! I upload new content to my blog 2-3 times a week.