The Bomb of Drugstore Beauty Balms

Hey guys! So I wanted to talk to you this week about a beauty product I had used many times in the past that seemed to work really well for me in taking care of split ends and fixing my hair after I had used boxed dyes on my hair. 

I have been in love with this balm since I had started using it back in 2012 when I started dying my hair black for the first time. This balm always helped me combat the dryness that comes with the out of the box amateur hair dyes we all seem to use at one point or another in our lives. This damage erasing balm is recommended for use in placement of your usual conditioner. You want to work this at the ends of your hair where most of the damage is going to be, and then spot treat any other dry spots you have in your hair. 

For women with curly hair, I have been told this product works best on top of your usual conditioner, although I would warn you to watch out for weighting down your hair or your hair drying out too much. 

This balm is going to be really easy to use, and as soon as you get it out of the container you can feel the luxurious, silky smoothness. I’m not a big fan of the color or the packaging, like so many other people have mentioned before in the past I do wish this product came with a pump as opposed to just staying loosely in the jar, but I’m not going to beat up a product over something as simple as that. The smell is so good, especially if you like the smell of most L’Oreal shampoos and conditioners.


I hope I supplied at least a little more information for you to make a decision today on whether or not this may be a good product option for you. I know that it’s an uphill battle sometimes when it comes to dry and damaged hair, especially if you live in a place with a dry climate. 

Complete Your Winter Festive Look This Holiday

I am proud to announce that I am now a affiliate blogger for Kissusa/JOAH/Impress cosmetics and nails!

You may have noticed a quick sneak in affiliate linking on my December reading list blog just a few days ago, but I’m not about to promote any product I don’t like. I have been using their nail brand for years, and I have to say I’ve yet to be disappointed with their holiday collections. I ordered a pack already from their site, so look for that update within the next few days.

Press-On Nail Christmas Collection

I am a girl that is not much for matte nail polishes, however I can appreciate the nude nail polish colors in this set. The trees are simple as is the white background behind them. I know a lot of ladies like the matte nail polish trend, so if you do I highly recommend giving this pack a try during the holiday season.

Being both a country bumpkin and a fan of punk rock, I appreciate plaid patterns. I especially love red plaid, and having used a similar product by the same company in the past I know the lines on the nails are not going to fade after wearing them for a day. I have used the sparkly nails in the past as well, and the pack I had wasn’t textured. I dislike how some nail polish makes your nails feel bumpy once you have them painted, and I’m happy this isn’t the case with these nails. However, if you do like to file or shape your fake nails, sometimes I’ve noticed the edges become rough from the glittery pattern. I’ve coated it with a top coat in the past.

Sort of like I said in the aforementioned paragraph, if you’re going to shape your nails before putting them on, the edges sometimes become rough and bumpy. I have used base nail polish before and that seemed to fix the problem just fine. In this pack, I absolutely adore the wreath outline going around the base of the french manicure. I don’t think you’ll have any issue with the pattern wearing off.

I love the cute design on these nails! I also enjoy the dark mauve/dark aquamarine color pallet. Something about these colors are so elegant and have such a warm, cozy feel to them. These nails are perfect for the Winter season, not just for Christmas.

Last but not least are these Christmas-centric nails. I love the little presents on the two nails and the Santa Claus belt buckle on the one for the perfect contrast. I feel like this pack combines all of the previous styles (minus matte) of the other three packs. These nails are the ones I have ordered and I can’t wait to put on.

If you like these products, you should take a look at their entire line and get 25% off when you shop now until December 31st!

Here’s a link to their website for further viewing:

Kissusa Beauty – Bring The Salon Home Shop Now

If You Wear Makeup Under Your Mask Everyday, You Need These Products

Like most other self-proclaimed makeup addicts, I wear makeup to the office on a daily. Since COVID-19 started earlier this year, I have started skipping days in my makeup routine. I hate washing clothes, and I hated having to wash the makeup stains out of my masks.

I’m here to share with you a routine I’ve started with my masks to make it easier to not have makeup stains out of your masks daily.

Use Dawn Dish Soap

I wash my masks out by hand typically with a bottle of dawn dish detergent and warm water. You don’t have to overdo it with the soap, two dots of liquid soap directly on the mask. Scrub both sides of the mask until the mask is completely covered and sudsy. Rinse under the faucet with warm water until you no longer see suds. Squeeze out all the water and have a towel prepared to lay your mask on to dry.

I am linking an Amazon link below for you to buy in bulk. I know in the United States our numbers of COVID cases are beginning to rise again, and that you should always have soap on hand. Plus, if you order it now you won’t forget to buy it later at the grocery store and it’ll save you a trip.

Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, Original Scent, Refill Size, 2 Count, 56 Oz.(Packaging May Vary)

Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap

I have always been in love with Dr. Bronner’s. Not only do they add an awesome scent to the masks once you have washed them, this castile soap can practically eliminate every other soap in your house. For this soap I usually add a very small amount into the bathroom sink and any masks on hand that need to be washed. Rinse the masks similarly to the Dawn dish liquid instructions. I like to wring laundry I’ve washed with Dr. Bronner’s twice if I’m washing something by hand.

You can find Dr. Bronner’s here as well. Don’t let the price on the 2 pack deter you! Two bottle’s of Dr. Bronner’s could last you a few months.

Dr. Bronner’s – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (Peppermint, 32 ounce, 2-Pack)

Or you could buy a gift pack for a friend you want to introduce to the miracle soap that is Dr. Bronner’s. This soap is also vegan and cruelty-free and would make a cute Christmas gift.

Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (2 Ounce Variety Gift Pack) Almond, Unscented, Citrus, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Rose, Tea Tree – Made with Organic Oils, For Face, Body and Hair

There is also a bar soap version.

Throw Into the Wash

Yes, something you can do is to still throw your mask in the washer. We recommend placing your masks in a intimates bag. This will prevent the nose piece bending out of shape or the ear loops from becoming loose.

We recommend using a mesh laundry bag and tide pods. The mesh laundry bags will usually come in packs at any grocery store, but I was able to find one online that contains 4 laundry bags for what you’d probably spend for 2.

Vivifying Large Net Laundry Bags – 4 Count

My favorite laundry detergent is Tide. I have been using Tide since I started buying clothes on my own, and I have never been dissappointed. I like using the pods now because they seem to last longer in between store runs than liquid detergent.

Tide Pods 98ct

Dr. Bronner’s Can Replace Every Other Soap And Can Save You Money

Today I want to talk to you guys about a cleaning product that I absolutely adore (and this isn’t going to be another drinking bleach joke). I’ve been seeing a lot of friends on my Facebook page recently asking if anyone has used Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap before. It doesn’t take a mind reader to understand why; this soap has 18 uses listed right on the bottle, and it’s vegan friendly. In this day and age, everyone should be making the switch to living a cleaner lifestyle for the environment.

I was very skeptical the first time I saw a bottle at Walgreens. First off, you will find this product on the bottom shelf of the natural skincare section in most stores that I’ve seen on the East Coast. It is not going to be with the haircare or cleaning supplies or with the shave needs. Secondly, what item can use to clean my toilet bowel and then use it on my hair as a shampoo? Thirdly, why would I want to use one in the same product? That sounds disgusting.

Our idea of soap is very limited as we follow the consumer market. We have been led to believe we need a different kind of soap for everything in our household. Why? What does it matter as long as the soap works?

Let’s look at the ingredient list on Amazon:

First thing to notice, is that I know what every ingredient is. There is nothing hidden from the potential customer.

Water- the first ingredient listed on the bottle is one you would expect to be listed on most liquid cleaners. Unfortunately, that is not always the case as many cleaners have so many other ingredients listed instead of water. My shampoo currently has 3 different alcohols listed (and I will be changing it out for another one shortly).

Coconut Oil– the second ingredient is one I’d expect to be in soap, but once again this isn’t always the case. When I bought this soap originally I had planned to use it as hand soap, and it feels so soft and silky. The feel of it on my hands had me decide to try it out as shampoo. For shampoo it did well but still isn’t going to be as good as a salon grade.

I will say, the only drawback I could find is that the bottle is a bit confusing to read:

“A bit” is generous.

The bottle itself is a bit cool. It does give you dilution instructions as well as a history of the company all over it.

Overall, I give this product a:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5/5 Stars.

If you like and subscribe to my blog, you will begin to notice that I do not give high ratings to any product unless I mean it. Don’t believe me? What about four thousand other views?

This wonderful product comes in bar soap form as well. I have not used the bar soaps yet, but as soon as my liquid dish soap runs out I may try the citrus smelling bars in my kitchen.