January Reading List: The Christmas That Was Patterson

Hey guys what is up? I figured we’d start off my first reading list of the new year a bit differently compared to what I’ve posted before in the past. The past few monthly reading lists I had made felt really scattered and thrown together; mostly in part because I was just finding myself again on a writing platform (this blog) and I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing. I also just started getting back into my love of literature and books, so I was just reading and posting about books that I thought would be interesting to read or ones I had started off earlier in the year I had intended to finish reading.

Although I still have a few books even on my December reading list I would like to finish off in 2021, I want to make these reading hauls a little more interesting and cohesive by creating a theme each month and focus my reading around said theme. 

This month I decided to start off January on a good note by reading books by authors I dislike, because I figured that would be a good way to start off the New Year on a positive note. 

For this Christmas, my father decided to buy me a bunch of James Patterson books. My father is not a very bookish man and had no way of knowing that I’m generally not a James Patterson fan and the gift was all around sweet and very thoughtful so I’m still planning on reading the books he gave me. 


Oh boy, okay. So right off the bat, my first impression is the usual ones I have whenever I see a James Patterson cover. There’s my boy James’s name almost as big as the title and then his co-writer’s name is stuck on the bottom as an afterthought. The cover is pretty simple paperback cover with what looks to be a woman standing down the end of a dark tunnel facing a light. 

The back doesn’t tell me much in the way of the story except James Patterson’s review of his own book and USA Today and TIME telling me this book is not one you want to miss out on. It looks like this may be an installment in a series, so I may have to get a few other books before reading this one. It appears to be a thriller about a detective who’s trying to right a wrong by proving the innocence of a woman who’s been wrongfully jailed. 


My first impression is still the same as the first book when it comes to the font. James Patterson’s name is listed at the top in large font just as big as the title, and then another author thrown in there below. I turn it over and the back isn’t a quote he has written instead of a synopsis so that is good. Instead we do have a small synopsis about the presumably main character David Shelley and his background. It appears this will be another suspenseful novel. Shelley is a former SAS soldier and bodyguard, and the daughter of the family he used to bodyguard for has presumably committed suicide. The family have a hard time believing their daughter would do such a thing, so they ask their former bodyguard for help in finding out what really happened.

I’m curious as to why a family would ask their bodyguard for help in doing investigative work. Obviously Patterson isn’t above a detective story, so there has to be a reason behind it. I’m hoping it’s not just because he wants a bodyguard in place of a detective because it’ll make it more fun to read. 

The Midwife Murders

First impression: his name for once doesn’t appear to be as big and flashy as the book title. Perhaps because the blood red title finally contrasts from Jame’s silver name title just above it. The paperback cover is blue, with a woman wearing a dark blue coat running down a flight of concrete steps. I cannot tell which era she is from, although I’m pretty sure I’ve never read a historic James Patterson book as of yet, although I’ve only read one of them. 

The back synopsis I had to read a couple of times because it just sounds like gibberish nonsense. Lucy Ryuan is a senior nurse who doesn’t see pregnancy as a condition but her life’s work. Yet, when two kidnappings and a viscous stabbing happen on her watch, she decides to be the one to try and change things. 

The wording just sounds really awkward to me, and at this point I wouldn’t put it past whoever does these back synopsis on these books just going “what the hell? Let’s write out whatever we feel like! Nobody cares, they’ll just read whatever we print out.” 

Okay, so it appears I have my work cut out for me this month. I would honestly hope to be surprised, but I know we’re just going to have to wait and see. I also have “Doctor Sleep” by Stephen King that I will like to be reading as well this month, but I have a lot to say about Stephen King so that’s going to be its own kettle of fish. 

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Personal Blog #2: Friday the 13th Quarantine

Hey my dudes! What’s up? I hope you are having a great day today! I’ve had a bit of an unexpected week. On Friday the 13th I showed up to work and was told the woman I work with every Friday had tested positive for COVID-19. Which is not the greatest thing you want to hear as soon as you walk through the door to work. That, coupled with the fact that I had been coughing up a lung all night long had my boss nervous to let me work the front desk, so up until yesterday I was home at quarantine with my boyfriend.

It wasn’t that bad, and as you all know I’m rarely out of the house to begin with. I am living in a county where the infection rate is going up again, and clinics are giving tests out by a first come first serve basis. Another coworker of mine spent five hours waiting to be tested. I found out through Kevin (boyfriend) you can get a test shipped overnight to your house online if you live in the United States! How cool is that? Mine came all the way from the West Coast to the East Coast on Monday and by yesterday morning I found out I was negative! It’s through Pixel by LabCorp and it’s been approved by the FDA. This isn’t a paid advertisement for Pixel and I am not in any way affiliated with Pixel or their parent company. I just know how precious time is, and if you’re worried if you have COVID-19 I want you to know all your options to get tested.

Spoiler Alert: if you’re queasy when it comes to wounds don’t look at my next picture.

Since I’ve been at home I’ve made the best of my time. I got an exceptional amount of writing accomplished, including a full length story and a few blog posts I’ll set up to be blogged over the course of the next few weeks. You may have noticed as well I updated the theme of my blog once more. I’m still trying to decide which theme/layout I like more so you’ll continue to see my blog’s appearance change. I also have finished and started a new book on my November reading list, which is very exciting for me as well.

Oh, I also potentially have a new scar to add to my collection. This isn’t the aftermath of a rambunctious night hunting aliens like I’ll one day tell my grandchildren it’s from, unfortunately. I rubbed my hand against a very hot lid off of a boiling pot whilst cooking dinner the other night.

You’re welcome for the scars in the making overshare. Does this mean we’re best friends now?

Any who, for more updates on what I’m doing or what I’m posting, I am in the process of getting a Instagram and a Facebook page up and running. Talk to you guys soon.