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Tanologist Express Self Tanning Water: Worth It?

I picked this sun tanning water spray the other day while in Ulta beauty. I’ve seen this sun tanning spray in Target quite a few times, however my local target has been out of the Medium version of this tanning spray. Ya’ll…your girl over here is pale. I cannot do a dark spray, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull a medium spray off. However this product really swooped me in by the promise that it would be airy light and have a smooth, non-stanning, non-sticky going on. So after waiting patiently for the past few weeks and it never coming in, I ventured over to Ulta beauty. 

I could’ve asked for Target to have ordered me a tube of this sun tanning lotion, I know. But I needed to go over to Ulta anyways so why not just buy it from there? And Ulta had it’s own stand of sun tanning sprays and oils for this time of the season, so there was plenty in stock. 

Putting this spray on, I would say the smell was very quaint and smelled slightly floral. It wasn’t overpowering, which was a releif because some fragrant smells seem to give me a headache this time of the year (thank you allergies). Since the spray was clear and dried quickly however, it was hard for me to really build up a nice even layer that I felt confident about. I did use a new mitt that I had also picked up from Ulta, and I had rubbed the spray into my skin. The bottle said to keep it on for 1-3 hours before rinsing off.

The first time that I used it, I kept it on for 3 hours. My skin on my face did seem to have a very light glow to it, however my fingers and shoulder where I hadn’t rubbed in appeared quite streaky. This would continue to be an issue the following day as well when I reapplied the second time. The build-up has been very faint, but there is a definite glow. 

As far as staining goes, I didn’t notice any staining on my clothes as I wore it in my air conditioned apartment. Since I didn’t test it against sweat, I’m not sure how the tan will hold up or if it will start to streak. My white bra did have faint bronze rub from my underboob, but that easily seemed to come off in the wash. 

I’d say this is a spray I’m going to keep my eye on in the next couple of months as I keep using. So far it’s been okay. It definitely fulfills the pricepoint for me, so that’s not bad. Overall I would say this is a nice buy to have to slowly start building up your tan for the upcoming summer season. 

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“Happy & You Know It” Book Review

Ah, yes. The book has been sitting on my shelf since I started my Book of the Month Club membership over a year ago. Why had I not ever picked this book up before? To be quite fair and honest, I had picked this book up multiple times over the past year, even going as far as to reading the first few chapters or so before putting it down and picking up another book. It seems almost a typical case of literary abandon where you pick out more books than you ever could possibly finding yourself reading and throwing them down to the back depths of your closet until you decide to pick it up again months after. 

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Wildling, the Underrated

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One of the movies I watched while being snowed in during February was “Wilding” an IFC Midnight Film that can currently be found on Netflix in the United States. Originally I wasn’t even going to touch this movie, but it honestly had me taken by surprise so I felt like I would cover it in one of my posts before I forgot about this movie all together.

I watched this movie last Saturday when Kevin and I were both bored and searching for things to watch on our streaming services. Kevin’s a bit fickle when it comes to shows, but I’m not picky and it was my time to pick so I just randomly picked this Netflix movie. If you guys have ever wondered where most of my content comes from, this is my method for picking content typically. This very crucial bored moment of “I dunno. Let’s go with this because the title sounds good I guess.” And I’ve honestly found some cool hidden gems by using this method.

I fell asleep midway through the movie as I sometimes have a bad habit of doing and then…waking up feeling very confused and wondering for a good ten or fifteen minutes if I was still watching the same movie.

So for those who are going into this like me and who have literally no idea what this movie is about…if you go in thinking this is going to be about a child being abducted by her forlorn and vengeful father who lives off the grid and you wake up to…well….a human boy having sex with a werewolf in the woods, you’re going to be very confused.

I had to watch this movie twice just to figure out what the hell had just happened when I was knocked out, and it honestly wasn’t that bad of a movie. For those of us who have yet to be able to endure watching “Splice” by themselves, this movie is probably not going to be for you since it has something of a similar theme and fashion as that movie had, minus of course with this movie working from a $2 million budget as opposed to a $30 million budget, and still doing awful.

This movie I wouldn’t be disappointed in if they decided to do a Netflix sequel, and perhaps it’s because my standard for Netflix movies has a bar set so low sometimes that I’m beyond ecstatic when it’s not a total miss on everyone’s part. This is an IFC Midnight movie, so I was expecting a little bit weird and out there, which this movie was able to provide. I feel like perhaps this was a prequel to an even bigger plan, and I’m a bit upset that it leaves off with an ambiguous ending since I haven’t read where there’s a sequel out there somewhere. I feel like I was left in a class with a mediocre anthology story that left off partially through a chapter book.

That being said, I would definitely give this movie a watch if you haven’t done so already. I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed, especially if you’re at the bottom of the barrel looking for movies on Netflix to watch as well like the rest of us.

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Destiny & Reruns

I keep seeing lists upon lists floating around Facebook this week about how many shows you’ve seen every season of. Lately, it had me thinking about how we seem to accumulate a great number of shows over a lifetime. If I live to see 70, I will have surely seen hundreds of shows by then. How many shows have you watched every episode of? How many shows have you started watching and didn’t even finish? Now, let’s think of all of the shows we’ve seen every episode of that you’ve watched over and over again.

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The Maybelline Products to Look For This Season

It is finally the beginning of the Spring season in the fashion world, and we’re here to bring you the latest and greatest things from the leading brands within the industry. Here at Life and Destiny, we don’t discriminate between mass and prestige brands because, dear reader, I like to use both. One brand I have used and promoted for a long time as a beauty advisor is Maybelline cosmetics, and I am looking forward to trying out their latest additions to the tried and true makeup brand line.

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Wonder Woman: 1984 – Hard Pass?

Hey guys, so I was wondering if I was going to post anything at all related to the Wonder Woman sequel or if I was just going to push this somewhere into the back of my subconscious and forget that I had ever watched it in the first place. Since I’m writing about it now, I guess that could only mean that I’ve decided to talk about it, so get ready…(Spoiler Alerts Ahead!)

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Organic Lip Balms Besides Burt’s Bees

There are many good products out there when it comes to the organic side of the beauty industry. I know we’ve all have heard of Burt’s Bees, but I wanted to introduce you to some other lip balm products that are just as good and in some cases even better than your Burt’s Bees lip balm. So let’s take a look at some other products to give you a variety of chapsticks to choose from.

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