Review of “Normal People”

Going into this book, I didn’t have much idea as to what I was expecting. Last year I had heard about “Normal People” quite a lot, with a fair share of mixed reviews going both this way and that on whether this book was absolute garbage or it was a literary masterpiece.

February Reading: Let’s Get Mushy

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Hey guys! This month I wanted to move my focus away from authors I disliked to focus instead on a genre I have liked in the past but haven’t delved into as much as I would like. Yes, we’re talking about romance, and what a better time to do it than in the month of… Continue reading February Reading: Let’s Get Mushy

My Thoughts on “The Midwife Murders”

At the beginning of the month of January, I created a reading list to finish three books by an author I dislike, James Patterson. It’s now a little halfway through the month, and I have now just completed “The Midwife Murders”. This is the second book I’ve completed a review on, and if you want… Continue reading My Thoughts on “The Midwife Murders”

Why I Dislike Stephen King

Since I’ve been on a roll this month with controversial topics, I figured I’d go into a little more detail on my dislike primarily on the known King of Horror, and that’s Stephen King. Most people find this the most shocking about myself personally because I am such a horror buff, one would automatically assume… Continue reading Why I Dislike Stephen King

January Reading List: The Christmas That Was Patterson

Hey guys what is up? I figured we’d start off my first reading list of the new year a bit differently compared to what I’ve posted before in the past. The past few monthly reading lists I had made felt really scattered and thrown together; mostly in part because I was just finding myself again… Continue reading January Reading List: The Christmas That Was Patterson

An Honest Review of “Hush” by James Patterson

“Hush” by James Patterson Okay, folks. The moment I think we’ve all been waiting for has come to an end. I am a quarter way through my January Reading list, which means I have now read my first book by James Patterson for the year 2021. For this month I had decided to read the… Continue reading An Honest Review of “Hush” by James Patterson

Authors I Dislike Reading Novels From

Today I figured I’d be a little controversial in talking about books I dislike and the authors that wrote them. Let me start off by saying that I can appreciate what I dislike, and most of these authors are widely popular with a large fanbase– more popular than perhaps I could ever dream of. Just… Continue reading Authors I Dislike Reading Novels From

“The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany” Review

What’s up my friends? I have some exciting news to tell you! Over these past few days I was able to cross “The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany” off of my December reading list. Let me just say this book was an emotional trip for me. I laughed, I cried, I had to take a few… Continue reading “The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany” Review

Series to Read During a Snowstorm

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Hello everybody! Sorry that I’ve been MIA for the past week. I guess one could say I took an impromptu break from blogging since I’ve been busy in my personal life working on my novel, reading my list of books for the month, Christmas shopping, working at my day job, and helping my parents out.… Continue reading Series to Read During a Snowstorm