Destiny & Reruns

I keep seeing lists upon lists floating around Facebook this week about how many shows you’ve seen every season of. Lately, it had me thinking about how we seem to accumulate a great number of shows over a lifetime. If I live to see 70, I will have surely seen hundreds of shows by then.Continue Reading

Reasons to Cut Your Hair

I have been where you are sitting. I have had long hair most of my life, so my decision to have it cut above my shoulders was even a hard thing to do. I’ve compiled a list of reasons it’s time you should probably cut your hair.

The Maybelline Products to Look For This Season

It is finally the beginning of the Spring season in the fashion world, and we’re here to bring you the latest and greatest things from the leading brands within the industry. Here at Life and Destiny, we don’t discriminate between mass and prestige brands because, dear reader, I like to use both. One brand IContinue Reading

February Reading: Let’s Get Mushy

Hey guys! This month I wanted to move my focus away from authors I disliked to focus instead on a genre I have liked in the past but haven’t delved into as much as I would like. Yes, we’re talking about romance, and what a better time to do it than in the month ofContinue Reading


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