Its that time of the year again where everyone is into their pumpkin craze and my lips and skin start to crack like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve mentioned it previously in posts that I have very dry skin and my skin is more prone to the sensitive side of things. There’s one lotion above all I recommend time and again, and it’s the Hempz.

Hempz is a brand that has never left my skin feeling dry or not hydrated enough. It never leaves my skin feeling oily or dried out from chemicals like some other top brand lotions can sometime. And it so happens that this lotion collection smells absolutely amazing to boot.

Hempz was founded in 1998. Their products are leaping bunny certified.

The ingredient list on the back is absolutely amazing. They use Argula oil, vitamin c, vitamin e, and collagen to give you a full rounded effect. In the wintertime especially if you live in a temperate climate or a climate that gets a lot of snow, this lotion will be a must have.

There are so many good smelling lotions to choose from now as well. Their typical line is yellow, pink, blue, cream, and green. Hempz also now treats their customers to a long line of seasonal products which include pumpkin and peppermint for your seasonal favorites.

For now on, I think I’m going to start rating products similarly like the ratings I give on my book reviews and movie reviews. I just feel like if I have a better template worked out, it’ll just promote for a better overall experience.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall I give this lotion a 5/5 star rating on efficacy, affordability, and overall execution. Yes. It is the shit. If you don’t believe me by the way, the company makes smaller sample sizes of their normal bigger products as well. If you’re familiar with their products, I would try checking out their seasonal line then as well.

The lotion is pretty fragrant however, so perhaps if you don’t want a stronger smelling lotion then this isn’t the lotion for you. I’ll be checking out a few unscented products so stay tuned.

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