The Colour Purple

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No, I’m not about to discuss to you about the book “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker (an exceptional read), but instead I’ve learned recently a lot about the history and origins regarding the color purple, most importantly the history of dyeing this color, and I wanted to share what I’ve learned about with you.… Continue reading The Colour Purple

Times Space Made Us Feel…

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Well, maybe not the greatest about our human condition, but made us at least feel something. There are moments in everyone’s life where you look up in the sky, and you feel with wonder. “I wonder what’s up there?” This list isn’t composed of those happy moments of wonder. These are those moments that made… Continue reading Times Space Made Us Feel…

How to Start a New Hobby – And to Stick With It

One of the many things a good portion of the population struggles with is getting out of bed every morning. Another thing a lot of people have issues struggling with is separating work away from your life outside of work – the life work balance. Working in the veterinary field personally means I really struggle… Continue reading How to Start a New Hobby – And to Stick With It