I have been where you are sitting. I have had long hair most of my life, so my decision to have it cut above my shoulders was even a hard thing to do. I’ve compiled a list of reasons it’s time you should probably cut your hair.

You Feel Suffocated

Mentally. Personally. Spiritually. Whatever have you, one of the main factors I wanted to cut my hair to was the feeling of being suffocated by it; I would have to wake up just to shift onto my other side at nights. Why? To get my hair out of the way because if I turned my hair would just entrap me into a cocoon. In the summertime it was so hot and heavy on my head. 

You’re Ready For A Change

Another reason is you’re positively over your long hair. You’re ready to move forward. You need a change. You’ve compiled a list of hairstyles that could be potential choices for your new look.

You Fell in Love

With a style of course! It’s time to get rid of your hair for the cutest trend out there. 

Your Hair Needs Space

I used to dye my hair a lot back when I was younger, so my way of starting over was by quitting the dye and giving my hair the chance to grow and breath once more. Its important to take care of your hair, and sometimes that just means needing some space and room to grow and to change as a person.

You Have Split Ends

Granted, you could just cut off a small amount of your hair, or you could splurge and get your hair cut and styled into a better hairdo! The choice is yours. 

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