It is finally the beginning of the Spring season in the fashion world, and we’re here to bring you the latest and greatest things from the leading brands within the industry. Here at Life and Destiny, we don’t discriminate between mass and prestige brands because, dear reader, I like to use both. One brand I have used and promoted for a long time as a beauty advisor is Maybelline cosmetics, and I am looking forward to trying out their latest additions to the tried and true makeup brand line.

These colors are still very wintry to me, which gives me hope that closer to March/April we can expect to see more floral colors added to the companies’ color palette, so stay tuned for that moment happening here.

Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara

One thing that Maybelline takes seriously is its collection of mascaras. With over twenty different kinds of mascara to choose from, it’s a wonder they’ll want to come out with another mascara, but I will say the dynamics on this brush is impressive. This is a straight brush with bristles of different lengths coming out along every side. Since we’re looking at a straight brush without much curvature we’re going to be looking for a more smooth and natural look to be made with this. 

Tattoo Studio 36 Hour Brow Pencil

36 Hours??

Does anyone need to truly have on their eyebrows for more than a day and a half? Although I wouldn’t recommend keeping your brows on for 2-3 days at a time, I will say this is reassuring for those of us who have thinner brows and are working on the job for twelve-hour shifts. You want to look good throughout your shift, this will probably be a good brow pencil for you. 

I will say that I’m slightly disappointed in there only being six shades and auburn is not one of those shades. The brunette colors in the Maybelline lines are somewhat of a hit and miss, so depending on the color of your eyebrows this product may be a miss for you.

SuperStay Matte Ink Spiced Collection

There are 5 new shades being added to their SuperStay Matte Ink collection, and I must say I am stoked. Maybelline’s SuperStay lipsticks are always very pigmented and come in a large collection which is perfect for almost all occasions and skin tones. I will say, make sure to buy an eraser when you get this collection because these lipsticks have a history of not wanting to budge when you’ve applied them.

Color Sensational Ultimate Slim Lipstick

First off, I want to say I love the Ombre affair happening on the tube of this lipstick. I enjoy how the black fades into the colors on the tubes. Yes, I know Ombre hasn’t been “in” since it was 2015, but it doesn’t make it any less eye catching to me when used in product displays.

These lipsticks are more in the way of muted shades for those of us who choose to dress in more neutral tones during these cold, winter days. These lipsticks have the same lasting effects as other lipsticks in Maybelline’s Color Sensational line. The pigment will stay with you throughout the day, however please make sure to bring some Chapstick along for the ride as I’ve found some colors to be more drying on the lips than others.

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