Today I figured I’d be a little controversial in talking about books I dislike and the authors that wrote them. Let me start off by saying that I can appreciate what I dislike, and most of these authors are widely popular with a large fanbase– more popular than perhaps I could ever dream of. Just because I dislike what they’ve written doesn’t mean I’m throwing shade; their writing just doesn’t happen to be my cup of tea for numerous reasons and that’s OK. 

Without further ado, my list:

Charles Dickens

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Anytime someone gets paid by the word back in the 17th century, you know it’s going to waste your time. This is exactly what Dickens does–wastes everyone’s time by running onwards because he gets paid by the word. Honestly, I can’t blame him. If I was getting paid by the word I’d probably write lengthier articles than I do. 

Aldous Huxley

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If you’ve never been forced to read “Brave New World” consider yourself lucky. This book uses words like “orgy-porgy”. I know it’s supposed to have a message about society in this book, but I kept on getting distracted by the odd breeds of humans and the random sex comments, but maybe I’m just too childish for this book. Either way, this book was forced on me one too many times in college enough to get me to dislike the author. 

Joseph Conrad

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Another book that I was forced to endure in my high school English class was “Heart of Darkness”. I have known many people that enjoy “Heart of Darkness” and I know a lot like me that do not. I do believe it has a great societal message, but I wasn’t a fan of Joseph Conrad’s writing style enough to make this one of the driest writers I have ever read. I’ve had to read a few of his other works over the years, and I still think I am not a fan of his writing style. 

P.C. Cast

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This young adult author’s books didn’t age well with me. I disliked the main character back then because she always hid everything from her friends and seemed to have more boy problems than anything else. I still have this view now and I would also add the way this author wrote about POC characters was offensive, and tried to make up with it by throwing in a token black character who’s boring and lacks a character arch, and a gay boy who’s main character trait is gay. 

Victoria Aveyard

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Nils Jorgensen/Shutterstock (9035928i) Victoria Aveyard Victoria Aveyard ‘King’s Cage’ book photocall, London, UK – 31 Aug 2017 Bestselling author of the Red Queen series meets her fans and signs copies of the anticipated third volume, King’s Cage, at Waterstones Piccadilly, London.

Love her ideas, but have yet to find any of her stories enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. Writing style and voice seems to vary depending on the books, but I still have hope I will one day read one of her books and like it because I really want to like it. 

Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks | Biography

I tried to read Nicholas Sparks a few times and the only book I’ve liked from him was “The Wedding” because it felt very heartfelt after reading “The Notebook” the week before. However, most of his romances come off as being very shallow. 

EL James

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50 Shades of Grey. ‘Nuff said. 

Max Lucado

Max Lucado (

Some of the other authors on this list I’ve tried to read multiple times, so perhaps putting Lucado on this list after one book I dislike is unfair. Anxious for Nothing is a self-help book using Christian themes to help the reader through troubling times. I am okay with reading Christian self-help books, however, this book didn’t bring any new and enlightened ideas to the dinner table for me. This book felt very generic, enough for me to put this writer down as one I don’t plan on reading from again. There are so many other self-help books out there that can sum up the same points and then some. 

Stephen King

Stephen King | The Author

I’ll be writing a whole article on the master of horror later on, but it feels worth mentioning him on this list. While I can appreciate what he’s brought to the horror genre, Stephen King is a writer I’ve tried multiple times to read but still have yet to be able to warm up to his writing. His books seem overly generic and that could be because I’ve read so much horror probably inspired by King over the years that when I’ve sat down to King’s books all I’ve had leftover is a yawn. I’ve read about houses with poltergeists and dogs with rabies. I want the next step beyond what I’ve read from his books. 

James Patterson

James Patterson – Wikipedia

This author I’ll be covering the month of January, and I still have multiple things to say about him now that I’ve just finished another book of his. The author writes quick flash fiction of the thriller/mystery genre. For an author who has so many titles under his belt, I can’t seem to find a single book I was enthused about. 

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